KIM SNYDER – Artist Bio

Kim Snyder has been painting professionally since 2009. Since Kim’s professional debut, her distinctive abstract style has resulted in noteworthy exhibitions throughout California and has attracted a following of collectors in both the Western and Southern states. Paintings she donated raised funds for charities, including the Paso Robles Art Association and International Women’s Festival’s charities in Santa Barbara. In 2013, Kim was featured in the New Times in an article titled “That’s What the Water Gave Me.” Kim has shown her work at the reputable juried Beverly Hills artSHOW and has been featured in dozens of noteworthy private one-woman shows. Furthermore, Kim works closely with a handful of respected interior designers to stage and sell her large format works in homes in California and Nevada.
Kim’s abstract works portray a metaphoric perception of the natural world as she brings to life her own emotions and the interconnectedness of all things. Driven by her desire to seek peace and calm, Kim allows her canvas to be a vessel for her meditative and creative
journey. She explores the dualities of knowing and not knowing, safety and risk, realism and abstraction. Her work ultimately emphasizes a letting go and a great sense of peace and calm that is felt by the observer.

Kim’s paintings are created entirely in the moment using a wet-on-wet, or alla prima, process in which she only works with wet paint, never allowing it to dry. Diving into her art both emotionally and physically, Kim initially pours the paint directly onto
the canvas, which also acts as her palate, and physically mixes and texturizes the colors to express the movement and flow she feels when she creates. She explains this as a “high risk, high reward process.”

When she’s not painting, Kim is actively involved in the art communities within San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Laguna Beach, and Lake Tahoe’s Incline Village in Nevada. She is a member of the Laguna ART Group and Atelier708, a collaborative art studio she co-founded in downtown Paso Robles. She actively supports and participates in art programs for children throughout San Luis Obispo County including: Arts for Children, Arts Obispo’s Mentor Program, and Studios on the Park’s Arts Smart Program. In addition, Kim privately instructs art students with a current focus on realism including portraits and perspective using Kim’s first medium and love, charcoal.

Today, Kim’s paintings continue to advance and grow. She explores even deeper connections with herself as she works with more expansive surfaces that include large format diptych and triptych.